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Here we have listed some of the frequently asked questions that come from the community. If you did not find the information you need, feel free to contact us at Support@Neondaddy.com

What's Included?

• Your beautiful, one of a kind LED neon sign.
• Wall Fixtures, screws and rail plug.
• Clear 2m power cable + 2m extension cable.
• Mains Power Supply

• Dimmer remote and receiver.
• Battery Pack
• Ceiling Hanging Kit

When will I receive my sign?

All signs are handmade to order with a production and delivery time of 10 - 15 days as standard.
During busy periods such as Christmas it may take longer.

In a rush? Use our priority delivery option at checkout and receive your sign in as little as 3 days.

Express Delivery is only available on 'Cut to Shape' and 'Cut to Squared' Backing Options.

How do RGB signs (colour changing) work?

Our RGB colour option comes with a multi-functional dimmer remote as standard. You do not need to select the dimmer remote option.

The remote allows you to pick from 100s of different colours or select different modes such as automatic colour changing.

Can my sign have multiple colours?

Yes! We can make your sign with up to three colours for no extra charge. Please add a note at the order checkout or drop us a message. Unfortunately, we can't show a preview on our editor.

Will my sign come as one piece?

We typically make your signs as a single piece. However, there are exceptions, including:

  • Signs exceeding 140cm in length with multiple lines and a height greater than 60cm.
  • Extra large signs with a few words split over multiple lines, particularly those with 'cut to letter' backing.

For signs that are divided into parts, the power cable setup depends on the total length of LED neon strips used:

  • If the total length of LED neon strips on a sign is less than 6 meters, each part will be have a small power cable, allowing them to connect to each other.
  • For signs where the total length of LED neon strips exceeds 6 meters, each part will receive its own power feed. These individual feeds will connect to a single dimmer remote receiver and power supply.

Power cable positioning?

As standard, our signs are come with a power cable from the centre or the right side.

The size of your sign may require the addition of multiple power cables, as each cable can support up to 6 meters of LED neon strips. If additional cables are required, they will typically be positioned on both the left and right sides of the sign.

If you have any requests regarding the power cable position or need further information, please feel free to reach out to us.